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Dutco Construction LLC

Dutco Construction Company LLC is a major participant in the Middle East construction industry via its activities in a diverse range of construction and engineering related fields.

DBB Contracting LLC

DBB Contracting LLC was originally established in 1976 when Dubai Transport Company (DUTCO) and UK–based Balfour Beatty joined forces to undertake the mega-project that was the construction of Mina Jebel Ali.


Dutco Piling & Ground Engineering Division

The decision to re-establish a bored piling capability, creating the Piling & Ground Engineering Division was made in late 2003 to take advantage of the increasingly buoyant construction industry.


Established in 1978, as a joint venture between Dutco and Balfour Kilpatrick, BK Gulf LLC is a leading contractor in the electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and building services markets within the UAE and the Middle East.

Dutco McConnell Dowell ME LLC

Dutco McConnell Dowell Middle East (DMDME) has been active in the Middle East for nearly 35 years. We are a local contractor with international expertise in delivering technologically challenging projects safely, on time and to the Client’s satisfaction.

Gulf Cobla LLC

Gulf Cobla is the Group’s international dredging and reclamation contractor, formed to carry out the prestigious Jebel Ali Port project which involved the removal of approximately 110 million cubic metres of sand, sandstone, caprock and conglomerate in five years.