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Company History

The history and development of the Dutco Group of Companies is inextricably interwoven with that of Dubai itself. The establishment of Dutco dates back to 1947, when the business of Dubai Transport Company began.

From these beginnings, the company has grown steadily and today there is virtually no aspect of Dubai's infrastructure development in which the Dutco Group does not play a part, with successes extending well beyond Dubai and the UAE.

Activities include large-scale civil engineering works, mechanical and electrical engineering, piling & soil improvement, civil engineering, dredging, survey and reclamation, pipeline engineering, information technology and telecommunications,logistics and freight services, trading and luxury hotel operations.

Mr. Ahmed Baker is the Chairman and Mr. Tariq Baker is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director for Dutco Group of Companies.

Policy of Strategic Investment

Chairman Mr. Ahmed Baker attributes Dutco's massive success in large measure to its policy of long term strategic investment in both technological innovations and human resources. This investment has propelled the company to the forefront of the rapid changes in infrastructure, technology and the economy by permitting Dutco to be ready with the best and most professional solutions to any new challenges. This strategic approach to new ventures has also ensured a synergistic approach to works - enabling Dutco to offer an A-Z services to its clients.

Human Resources - Proud to be from the UAE

Dutco is wholly owned by UAE nationals and is committed to encouraging nationals to build their careers with the Group. The human resources strategy is to combine the very best international expertise with local knowledge and experience. This provides the client with the very best results. A further long-term benefit of this strategy is to allow effective technology transfer and thus develop an invaluable pool of expertise which is firmly UAE-owned.

Moreover, group human resources are treated as a pool of talent; permitting the company to supply the required level of expertise for any particular project and encouraging cross training.

The Dutco Group of Companies employs over 20,000 people.

Quality, Safety and Professionalism

Since the beginning, Dutco has been single mindedly focused on quality, safety and professionalism. All member companies and divisions conform to the highest standards of industry practice and are actively certified to ISO(Quality, Health & Safety and Environment) accredited certification aiming Business Excellence Model and Total Quality Integrated systems.

Dutco is also committed to environmental protection and ensures that projects adhere to the very best environmental practices.